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OmnyPlay Full Cycle Rapid Enterprise Mobility Platform

OmnyPlay’s cloud platform enables enterprises create and update mobile applications in few hours without writing any mobile code. In addition, OmnyPlay provides one mobile app per company model to access all existing enterprise applications (Legacy, SaaS, Custom-built, etc.). These features are offered in a simple and economical Mobility-as-a-Service cloud-based platform that drastically reduces the efforts of development, deployment, and management of mobile applications. With OmnyPlay, enterprises get:

  • Rapid development — Hours and days vs Months
  • Dramatic reduction in TCO — Over 90%
  • Incredible efficiency — No app deployment or updates. Any changes made to µApps are available to the end user immediately
  • To leverage your organization — No mobile specialists required. In fact, no programming is needed at all. Zero coding
  • Pure native — Pure native user experience and capabilities (not HTML5)
  • Single mobile app — One mobile app to deliver all your enterprise applications (we call them Micro-Apps!). No apps proliferation on the device and no special management software
  • Enterprise grade security — Access control, encryption, data integrity

Mobility as a Service

The OmnyPlay platform enables building, deploying, managing, and evolving µApps, all from a single cloud console, providing end users with instant access to the latest functionality. With OmnyPlay, it's easy to deploy tens or even hundreds of µApps seamlessly to the end user.

Cloud IDE & Emulator

Get started in minutes, with no SDKs, bulky installations, or complex setups. Build, test, deploy, and manage your µApps from the cloud.

Multi System API Gateway

Connect to any backend business system by using extensible array of connectors and authenticators.

Native User Experience

Pure native user experience and powerful native capabilities.

One App

No more app proliferation! Simply install OmnyPlay SmartClient and play all your µApps.

Templates and Marketplace

OmnyPlay's unique CardIO architecture allows you to create µApps templates (known as decks) that can be shared and reused easily.

Use pre-built template packages from the OmnyPlay Marketplace.

Built-In Analytics

Use built-in Analytics to gain insights into your users and how they use your µApps.

Full Cycle

OmnyPlay cloud enables users to take control from end to end,
from development, deployment, security, management, and evolution.













Explore Possibilities

Check out sample µApps. Copy a template to create your own in minutes.

To Do

Manage your tasks


Enable your sales teams with Salesforce


Mobilize your SAP systems

Google Drive

Access your Google Drive


Manage your defects and tasks


Access commits, commit logs


View and Manage your AWS account


Lookup the weather


Lookup Company, Investor information


View and Manage Tickets, Contacts


Build applications that use the Firebase Realtime Database

Access and build mobile solutions with public government data feeds


The OmnyPlay platform makes for a winning proposition by addressing all the needs of Enterprise Mobility — Development, Deployment, Integration, Management, Security, Updates, Analytics, and Optimization.


Rapidly build mobile solutions with a pure native user experience. No special programming skills are required.

  • Rapid Development
  • Native User Experience
  • Cross Platform
  • Backend Integration
  • Agility

IT Managers

Deploy any number of µApps and roll out updates instantly without needing any additional software to manage and control your deployments.

  • Instant Catalog
  • Instant updates
  • Create any number of lightweight µApps
  • Security of Data
  • Access control
  • Built in Analytics

Business Leaders

Get more value out of your existing business systems by mobilizing them quickly.

  • Engage Customers
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Levarage existing business systems
  • Deliver high value at lightning speed

Systems Integrators

Build reusable templates (Decks) and integrate with multiple backends to mobilize your clients faster than ever.

  • µApps Templates
  • Marketplace
  • Multiple µApps
  • Cross functional µApps

End Users

Subscribe to multiple µApps all from within the OmnyPlay Player and get mobile without annoying installs and updates.

  • Utility µApps from OmnyPlay & others
  • Private µApps exclusive to your organization
  • Unlimited µApps
  • Always the latest and greatest

Pricing and Plans

Free for development. Pay only when you publish µApps.

For Branded Apps and On-Premise, Please contact us!

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